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Kat Citroen

19 March – 9 April 2009

Opening Thurs. March 19, 8 - 10 pm Buyers Preview Thurs. March 19, 7 - 8 pm

As an artist Kat usually starts with a word, phrase or a snatch of dialogue, the painting "Last night in Spain 1000 curtains fluttered" had its roots in the headlines about the Madrid train bombing. A beautiful painting with a sad soul... These paintings are acrylic on wood.
Kat started out doing performance Art in the late 80's. It's documented along with Bruce La Bruce, Annie Sprinkle, Noam Chomsky and J.G Ballard in "CENSORIA from CENSORIUM" Kat considers herself a conceptualist and feel quite happy to have grounding in an area that explored political and sexual topics with great abandon.











1988-92 BFAH York University , Toronto
1969 New School of Art, Toronto


Solo Exhibits

2007 Gladstone Hotel Show
2004 The Reaction Drawing
2000 - The Cat Mummies Show, Ashton/Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1999 - Landscape: Deconstructed & Reconstructed, Ashton/Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1998 - Metaphor Kennel, Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1997 - Hang This, Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1995 - Frankfurt Art Fair, Frankfurt, Germany w/ Lake Galleries)
1994 - Banned In Florence, Lake Galleries, Toronto
1993 - Three Walls and a Hall Gallery, Toronto
1992 - Swansea Town Hall, York, Ontario
1991 - Student Centre, York University, Toronto

Group Exhibits
kunstraumt27 Berlin, Germany
2006 - Speakeasy, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2005 - New, New, New Painitngs, Studio One Gallery, Toronto
2004 - The Metaphorical Show, Studio One Gallery, Toronto
1999 - Third Annual Xmas Show, Ashton/Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1999 - Things You Love, Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1998 - Second Annual Xmas Show, Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1998 - Welcome Gallery 39, Burlington, Ontario
1997 - First Annual Xmas Show, Evicta Gallery, Toronto
1997 - Junction Arts Festival, Toronto
1994 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto
1993 - The Xmas Show, Lake Galleries, Toronto
1993 - Toronto West End Art Walk, Toronto
1993 - Partisan Gallery, Toronto
1993 - Aid to the Arts of Nicaragua, York University
1992 - Lollapalooza '92, Toronto
1991 - I.D.A. Group Show, York University, Toronto
1990 - Aid to the Arts of Nicaragua, York University, Toronto
1990 - York City Hall, York, Ontario
1990 - Aid to the Arts of Nicaragua, York University, Toronto
1989 - Enzo Cucchi Project for York University, Toronto
1989 - A Public Hanging, Co-Op Exhibition, Toronto
1988 - York University Student Gallery, Toronto
1986 - Del Bello Gallery, Toronto (Small Works)

Andy Fabo, artist
George Manupelli,artist
Sonia Smits, Seaton Maclean(Alliance Atlantis)
Gary Michael Dault (Art Critic, The Globe and Mail)
Sharon Bennet, (Gowlings Law)
Suzzanne French(Shaftsbury Film, Tv )
David Bragg(Made you look)
Bob Rae( M.P)
Justin Chambers (actor, Greys Anatomy)



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